Video Help

Some basic questions and answers for the video problems.

Why is the video jumpy?

   The video becomes jumpy when the flash player is streaming the video quicker then the player can decode it. The way to fix this is to reload the page and then it will be fine. If that does not fix the problem then go to Adobe and download the latest flash version.


How long does it take for the video to load?

   Some of the newer video may take up to 4 minutes to load depending on the speed of your ISP(Internet Service Provider). The new videos are recorded with the Canon XL2 and XL1S camcorders and have better picture quality than the older videos, so in turn they take longer to load.


How do you play the videos in full screen?

To play the videos in full screen you just press the button in the bottom right hand corner of the flash player. To get out of the full screen mode just hit that button again or hit escape on your keyboard.


If you still have a problem just e-mail us and we will help you with your problem.


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